best women in various media

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best women in various media

Postby cosmicfantasycustoms » Tue Feb 14, 2012 9:35 pm

this thread is something I thought of after talking to yamivash 0 about sucker punch and I became curious who would you choose as some one who represents women in all aspects. this could be strength, morals and varying other categories. also you can choose from different media, such as comics, cartoons, video games, movies, or real life and and example of each would be appreciated. you can list multiple if you like. mine goes a bit like this:

comics: wonder woman/ jean grey or phoenix/EVE Protomecha
cartoons: scarlet/she-ra/cheetara
video games: samus/valkyrie lenneth/jill valentine
movies: selene from the underworld movies/river from firefly and serenity/trinity from matrix movies
real life: all women who are strong, independant and stand up for what they believe in or fall into one of those categories

there are more examples I could give, but wanted to give a brief idea and get some feedback. I love cartoons, comics and video games and feel male characters get more of the appreciation and wanted to show the women some love.

also forgot to mention literature/books and any other form I did not mention.
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