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Re: Scalpers, who wants them!

Postby Galactape » Thu May 03, 2012 1:06 pm

dbocustoms wrote:dudes i just went to THREE trus before they even opened,all had scalpers grab the 2 cases in each store and buy the whole things...then at the last tru stop tru actaully let people in BEFORE they opened and they grabbed them all!!!!!!i asked as couple employees about it(very respectfully) and only one said"yeah it is nice that they let them do that,collectors comme all the time aND CANT GET ANYTHING AT ALL,WHAT THE @!$$#$%^&^$#!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL I WANT IS A FREAKIN MADAME HYDRA and a big time spidey,which is acually alot more common now than we are led to believe,sadness in my heart

I feel your pain, my TRU stopped carrying ML.
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