Kinder Überraschung

Chat about your favorite figures from the past, get help figuring out the one guy's name from that one series, or tell your favorite childhood action figure story.

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Kinder Überraschung

Postby Kukaahi » Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:16 pm

Has there been a dearer toyline to the hearts of children the world over. The delight of popping open the little yellow capsule with chocolate stained fingers. How wonderful it was to get a Christmas egg in your stocking.

I just found a tiny collection of mine. Mostly made by MPG, they're not as good as the earlier works. Maybe thats just nostalgia though. My collection is mainly knights but some cars and a weird Igloo that turns into an Eskimo face.

Not only the toys but the precious moments involved have engrained this toy in my heart. It has allowed me to bound with exceptional people from the beautiful Dutchie, Nienke, to my ex-gf Monija from Bosnia. Too bad they're banned here in the states. Not even my underground import stores will get them where i'm located due to a huge fine levyed against a friend of mine from the Ukraine selling them in her shop.

There's also a soccer playing Tweety around here somewhere.

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