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NotMao's Wishlist

Postby NotMao » Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:38 pm

I'd get the list out there, I know I'm new and everything but still willing to give this a shot because a lot of these things I just cannot find and I'm willing to give good prices.

I don't have a for trade list as I don't come in possession of many figures I don't particularly want.

Statue LE Big Daddy
Plush Subject Delta
Plush Bouncer

Dragon Age Origins

Earthworm Jim (Playmates Full Set OR Pocket Rocket with anything or alone)
Full Set Includes:
Earthworm Jim (Green Weapon Variant)
Earthworm Jim (Red Weapon Variant)
Earthworm Jim Battle Damage (Green Weapon Variant)
Earthworm Jim Battle Damage (Red Weapon Variant)
Earthworm Jim (Special Deep Sea Mission Suit)
Peter Puppy
Princess What's-Her-Name
Pocket Rocket

Crash Bandicoot (Mainly The Resaurus Toys but if you have something cool)
Jet Pack Crash Bandicoot
Jet Board Crash Bandicoot
Coco Bandicoot
Komodo Moe
Dr. Neo Cortex
Deep Dive Crash
High Flying Crash
Wave Rider Coco Bandicoot
N. Gin
N. Tropy
Moto Crash and Coco Bandicoot

Kingdom Hearts (Play Arts)
Sora – Standard Form
Sora – Valor Form
Sora – Limit Form
Sora – Final Form
Sora - Halloween
Cloud Strife
Mickey – Cloaked
Jack Skellington
Play Arts Arms

Kingdom Hearts (Mirage)
Any of the Heartless

Revoltech Vash
Revoltech Wolfwood
Monev The Gale (Sub-Zero Attack)
Gazelle The Peacemaker
Gazelle The Peacemaker (Black Beast Repaint)


Kurama - Series 1
Hiei - Series 1

Kurama - Series 2 (Rose Whip + Rose)
Hiei - Series 2 (Black Shirt)

Kurama - Series 3 (No Rose)
Hiei - Series 3 (Blue Shirt) <-- Have Loose would prefer a packaged one.

Yusuke Deluxe Spirt Edition
Jagan Hiei Deluxe w/ Playset
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