Anyone watch the CW Show "Arrow"

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Anyone watch the CW Show "Arrow"

Postby Golden Wolf » Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:21 am

The new CW series "Arrow" is the dc comics Green Arrow Tv show its pretty good so far anyone else watch it what do you think ?
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Re: Anyone watch the CW Show "Arrow"

Postby Green Skin » Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:37 am

I've been watching it and I've quite enjoyed it so far. The only gripe I have with the show is the short lifespan they have been giving the villians. Should be interesting to see how they work Black Canary and Speedy into the mix.
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Re: Anyone watch the CW Show "Arrow"

Postby therapist » Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:19 pm

I LOVE this show but I am a little biased cuz I love the Green Arrow. It may be blasphemy to some but I think I enjoy this show more then Smallville
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Re: Anyone watch the CW Show "Arrow"

Postby barefootabe » Fri Nov 09, 2012 1:48 am

i doubt deadshot is really dead. but yea im loving the show
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Re: Anyone watch the CW Show "Arrow"

Postby Incom » Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:56 pm

I love this show! I don't know much about all the superhero stuff, which is probably a good thing. Totally got me inspired to do some Arrow customizing! Expect Oliver to turn up in the showcase sometime this year :D
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Re: Anyone watch the CW Show "Arrow"

Postby poison_shadow » Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:40 pm

Probably my favorite show on tv currently, I can't wait for season 2.

I don't agree with all of the changes they've made - Slade not yet suiting up as Deathstroke, for instance. They also could have handled Huntress a little better, seemed like her swing to the dark side was a little quick. All in all, though, I love it.

Can't wait for Flash in season 2!
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Re: Anyone watch the CW Show "Arrow"

Postby rachel12 » Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:07 pm

i love this show and watching it from the first season...
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