New Marvel and DC action figures...TO Captain Coder himself

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New Marvel and DC action figures...TO Captain Coder himself

Postby borsk235 » Sun May 04, 2003 5:24 pm

Coder you should get the newest marvel toys Marvel Legends...they came out in 2002 and are sweet...sell them on here for cheap and you will make a bunch of cash off of them cause they are awesome. I just purchased the Gambit one off of somewhere else I suggest you get them if you want to make some more profit... :twisted: I surely would buy them if you sold them for like 5 bucks a pop. I just bought the gambit one for only 10. but they are sweet and you outta get them

Marvel Legends

Postby Captain Coder » Sun May 04, 2003 7:44 pm

I like your plan, but there is one main flaw... I have no way to get them that cheap. They are still pretty popular and from what I've seen, they usually sell for about $10 a piece. If I run across a big bulk deal and can get them cheap, I will pick them up.
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Postby borsk235 » Sat May 10, 2003 12:33 am

thanks bro your the money

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