[{"id":"41","name":"* Code of Conduct *","description":"
First and foremost, Figure Realm is a family-oriented website. This means we enforce basic rules of conduct on the entire website, including the forums. The following is what we expect from you, the honored guest:\r\n

Be Nice<\/div>\r\nNo racism, sexism or any sort of -ism that is degrading to another person. Avoid using obscene, vulgar, lewd, racist or sexually-oriented language. Comments should not harass, abuse, or threaten another's personal safety or property, make false statements, defame, or impersonate someone else.

\r\n\r\nBe tasteful when commenting on other users opinion, or work they have shared on the website. Provide constructive criticism or valid counter-points, or toss in some tips and suggestions on how to \"improve\" what they have done. Do not post unnecessary or rude comments such as \"that's horrible\", \"you're stupid\", \"you did it wrong\", etc. Comments like that are childish and provide no benefit to the users or the community.\r\n

Be Clear<\/div>\r\nWhen posting, use a standard writing style and punctuation. Using regular sentences and basic grammar will help others understand you.\r\n

No personal information<\/div>\r\nDo not post personal information; including phone numbers, email or mailing addresses, or credit card information belonging to you or others. This is a public community. We don't want to see personal information.\r\n

No profanity or adult content.<\/div>\r\nIf you just rolled your eyes at that, I suggest you just keep on rolling to the next nearest super-awesome action-figure website with a community as friendly and helpful as ours. You'll be hard-pressed to find one. Please keep the language and content clean.\r\n

\r\n\r\nWe all know the word filters can be tricked by replacing letters with special characters. It's not C@@L, and you didn't just discover it. Just don't do it.\r\n

Do not type in all caps \/ 1337 \/ non-English languages.<\/div>\r\nWe'll have no idea what the heck you're talking about if you do, leaving us no choice but to consider it spam and remove it.\r\n

No Selling<\/div>\r\nFigure Realm is not intended to be a marketplace for you to sell your action figures, customs or any other goods. However, we don't mind members trading figures, or even selling occasional items if you have extras. There is a Trading Post in the forums for this purpose. Selling items from another website, posts saying come check out what's for sale at my website, or anything of the such, is prohibited. This is considered spam and will immediately be removed. Anyone whose sole intention is to sell items for profit, whether it's picking up extra figures to make money or selling customs, will immediately be asked to stop.\r\n

No Spamming<\/div>\r\nIf you have to ask, then you're most likely going to be spamming. :]

\r\n * Multiple one-word responses
\r\n * Multiple non-sensical posts (occasionally going off-topic is fine, posting stupid stuff isn't)
\r\n * Multiple similar responses (like posting only \"cool\" in a MILLION topics)
\r\n * Multiple double-posting
\r\n * Posting with multiple accounts

\r\n\r\nNotice the word multiple.

\r\n\r\nPosting links isn't spamming, posting the same link (or word or whatever) over and over all over the place is.\r\n

No Bumping Posts<\/div>\r\nBumping is NOT allowed. What is bumping? Bumping is posting comments on a topic with the intentions of moving the topic to the top of the list to make it more popular or visible. There are different forms of bumping. The most obvious is posting a one word comment, such as *bump*. Another form would be repeatedly posting comments that don't add any value to the conversation, such as \"thanks\" or \"cool\". If the urge is felt to reply to every comment in a topic, wait until there are at least two or three replies, and reply to them all at once. Any form of bumping on this website is considered rude, and could result in disciplinary action at the Regulator's discretion.\r\n

Post information where it belongs.<\/div>\r\nPost information where it belongs, especially in the forums. The forums have descriptions under the title to help you figure-out where to make your post, but we understand they aren't fool-proof. Don't worry, we'll move the topics to the appropriate forum for you. Also, round pegs don't fit in square holes, so please don't keep trying to post something on the wrong forum after we've moved\/deleted the topic. Topics and posts are edited for a reason, if you have an issue, feel free to ask a moderator what happened.\r\n

Steal and be smoten.<\/div>\r\nYou know how irritated you get when you tell a good joke, then later your friend tells it and takes credit for it? Remember how annoying that is and how it makes you want \"accidentally\" shove him into a vat of skin-bleaching chemicals? Batman knows the feeling, so he doesn't go around taking credit for other people's work, neither should you. Submit only your own customs to the Custom Showcase. There shouldn't be a need for this warning, but unfortunately there is. Anyone submitting another person's work, without their expressed permission, will be banned\/suspended from the site entirely. No exceptions. If you want to tell everyone what a great job another customizer did, then feel free to do so in the General Action Figure Chatter Board. We have no problem with praising another's work, it's what we're here for! Please don't take credit for work (art) you didn't create. You will regret it.\r\n

Trade at your own risk.<\/div>\r\nFigure Realm is in no way responsible for any trades made on its boards, good or otherwise. By using the Trading Post, or any other function of this site, to make a deal with another site member, you are doing so at your own risk. Figure Realm and the Regulators have no way of protecting you against any losses resulting from bad trades, so please, don't send us emails like \"Johnny didn't send me my stuff! Ban him!\" These kinds of emails will not warrant a response as there is nothing we can do about the situation. We do not encourage trading with other users, but we realize some of you are going to do it anyway. We do have a makeshift feedback-system on the Trading Post board to help potential traders see who is and isn't an honest trader, be sure to take a look at that topic to see the names of members who have traded successfully with each other.\r\n

Problems with other site members.<\/div>\r\nAll complaints regarding a disruptive site member's behavior are read and considered carefully before being acted upon. If we see anyone being disruptive, we will take action, but please understand we can't do much if we don't personally see the person's offensive messages (such as getting unwanted Private Messages or being harassed off-site - we have no way of monitoring that). If you can, take a screenshot of the offensive messages and then send us an email, otherwise it comes down to your word against theirs and that puts us in an arbitrarily unfair position. We are sorry that situations occur that create a need to even type up this paragraph, but please understand that Figure Realm cannot referee every dispute. Please try to work out any misunderstandings yourselves and use us only as a last resort.\r\n

\r\n\r\nIf you need any more clarification on any of these points, feel free to ask a Regulator in the forums, or rifle through our Help section that is loaded with answers to frequently asked questions, tips and trouble-shooting information.\r\n

\r\n\r\nUsers who choose not to abide by the Code of Conduct will receive disciplinary action, that may be in the form of warnings or banishment from the website. Please behave, and most importantly, have fun!<\/div>"},{"id":"50","name":"How can I contact other members on Figure Realm?","description":"The only way to contact other members on Figure Realm is by sending them an IM (Instant Message). It is up to the other member if they choose to reply to any IMs they receive.

\r\n\r\nFigure Realm can not give you any information about another user, not even their email address. We also can not contact them on your behalf.\r\n"},{"id":"38","name":"I can't sign in to the website or the forums?","description":"There are two different logins for Figure Realm. There is the main login that is used by the entire Figure Realm website, which includes submitting work and commenting. Since the forums is a more public area of the site, developed from a open source project, and moderated by several users, it requires a login of its own.\r\n

\r\n\r\nIf you are having problems logging in to either area, the following steps may help you solve your problem:\r\n
  1. Verify that you are using a recent version of your browser. You should always use the latest version of whatever web browser you choose. Not just for Figure Realm, but for any internet browsing. Older browsers will always have more vulnerabilities and security issues, and are generally no longer considered to be safe. If you aren't sure which browser to use, we recommend the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.<\/LI>\r\n
  2. If you are certain you are using the correct user name and password, try clearing the cookies and file cache for your browser. Then try to sign in to the website again. This usually does the trick. To clear your cookies and file cache, do the following:<\/LI>\r\n