[{"id":"53","name":"How do I post pictures in the forums?","description":"
  1. Find a website to host your pictures. One of the most popular websites is photobucket<\/a>. We will use photobucket as an example for this tutorial.\r\n<\/li>\r\n\r\n
  2. Upload your pictures to photobucket. Each host should have a step by step process to assist you in uploading pictures to \r\n\r\ntheir server.

  3. Once the photos have been uploaded, you will need to get the links so you can post them on Figure Realm. Photobucket provides \r\n\r\nthe link to post in the forums in the \"IMG Code\" field circled in the picture below. You simply need to copy and paste this into \r\n\r\nyour message you are posting in the forums.

  4. You can verify your link is working in the forums by clicking the \"PREVIEW\" button before you post your message.<\/li>\r\n<\/ol>\r\n\r\nTroubleshooting<\/b><\/font>\r\n\r\n