[{"id":"55","name":"Can I advertise on Figure Realm?","description":"If you are wanting to advertise Custom Figures, please click here<\/a> for more information.\r\n

\r\n\r\nCurrently Figure Realm does not offer any other advertising packages for individuals or companies. All advertising on the website is maintained through our 3rd party advertising partners."},{"id":"57","name":"Does Figure Realm buy or sell action figures, or any other merchandise?","description":"No. Figure Realm does not buy or sell anything. In the olden days, we used to run the Figure Shop, which had a large selection of action figures for sale. The Figure Shop has since closed and we have no plans to engage that market again.\r\n

\r\n\r\nIf you are looking to sell your personal items, we recommend listing them on eBay or posting them in the forums."},{"id":"56","name":"How much is my stuff worth?","description":"Unfortunately, Figure Realm does not offer a price guide. The best way to find out what a particular item is worth is to search the completed listings on eBay and see what it has sold for recently. You may also try posting the question in the forums and members will generally give you an idea of a price range.\r\n

\r\n\r\nYou may also search Google for websites selling the item. If you find the item you are looking for that is for sale on a website, and they have it in stock, you can guess it probably isn't worth quite as much as they are asking or it would be sold out.\r\n

\r\n\r\nThere have also been numerous books and magazines published over the years that will attempt to give you an idea of what a particular item might be worth. Generally the prices in these guides are fairly inflated and only pristine items would fetch a price close to what is quoted. A good rule to remember is an item is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.\r\n