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Batman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct) Reviews
Poison Ivy
Batman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct) - Series 2
Rated 3.00 stars by Deaditor
It’s a real shame that the this is the only Poison Ivy figure released for this game series. She’s nicer detailed with some articulation in her upper area and no knee movement making her essentially stuck standing. Just any more articulation would be nicer and the new Arkham Knight design was great and they had a Figure ready to be sold but it never was released. So this is a decent likeness perhaps with a slightly too wide face being anime ish in design but the newer one would have been better....[See More]
SMC92 -
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Play Arts Kai done an Ivy, I have it, pretty deadly figure.
Deaditor -
Tuesday, November 6, 2018
My issue with Play Arts is their scale, sure they have lots of articulation but also sometimes they take massive liberties with design and make up things rather than keep things accurate. Though in the case of that poison ivy it’s just a scale issue. Was hoping they’d release the Arkham knight ivy but they never did
Batman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct) - Series 1
Rated 5.00 stars by Deaditor
Scarecrow in Arkham is so memorable and chilling. This figure completely encapsulates that and is highly detailed and appropriately articulated to have him posed in a menacing way. I really don’t have any complaints about this figure he’s just right out of the game and the syringe hand is strong a durable for small plastic parts. He comes with his fear toxin bag ready to drop into Gothams Water supply! Superb detailing and little issues with this figure....[See More]
Harley Quinn
Batman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct) - Series 1
Rated 4.90 stars by Deaditor
I love this Harley figure. It’s a great likeness and decentlbarticulated though it could be more to Pose her in her gymnastic stances she shows off in game. She comes with Warden Sharps cane, the Titan Serum injector and has details like Sharps name badge included. Highly accurate and excellently designed as a figure....[See More]
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