Best Spider-Man Figures of All Time?
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Best Spider-Man Figures of All Time?

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Hey everyone, I am trying to build up a collection of Spidey and I want to have at least one version of all of his suits. So I wanted to hear people's opinions about which particular figures are the absolute best for each suit (I realize some suits might have not been made). I am looking for a figure that looks good, paint aps and sculpt, and has good articulation. I used to have a ton, but unfortunately I lost the vast majority of my collection years ago. If anyone has any idea on the best figures please let me know! Thanks!

Ultimate (Peter):
Iron Armor:
Future Foundation:
Scarlet Spider:
Ultimate (Miles):
Amazing Spider-Man 1 Movie:
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie:

Also, if I am missing any costumes please let me know

Posted by KalriusX
on Thursday, May 8, 2014
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IndridCold -
Thursday, August 14, 2014
For Amazing Spider-man 2 I really like the Marvel Store Exclusive Marvel Select one. It comes wtih a bunch of hands a Peter Parker head, and some web lines. The Peter Parker head has a pretty good sculpt, the paint is a little blotchy however. Everything else looks fantastic. He's pretty poaseable and the paint and detail on the rest of the figure is pretty great. He's bigger though, almost 7inches.
Purity -
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
FUture foundation: HML Arnim Zola wave FF Spidey

Amazing Spiderman Movie: I hear Figma and Mafex have the best one. Either is great.

Amazing a spiderman 2: Mafex is coming out with a nice one but the MLI one is fantastic and cheaper.

Superior: MLI Superior Spidey
Wolverhulk Iron Spideysurfer -
Friday, May 9, 2014
Spiderman and his many suits are the reasons I got into customizing. Most of them have decent factory editions but not armored or cosmic, custom only there. And one you may be missing or just not interested in is Ends of the Earth, oh and Negative Zone. Those would be custom only as well. Other than that the suits you want are pretty easily found by just searching those descriptions. Many came from the spiderman origins line (classic, iron, 2099, black) Then of course the raimi movie figs. And the lines out most recently in roml have big time (stealth), FF, miles, superior, n the new movie versions. Hope that helps some. Good luck!

Edit: and Spiderman Noir, amazing bag man. Both custom only.
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