Terminator Salvation
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Terminator Salvation

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This was a relatively hated line but it did have the potential for a expansive terminator presence in 3 3/4" scale action figures. Maybe we will see a new wave of goodies in this scale with Genesys. Does any one have any info like pictures or sales of the prototypes that never went into production. I am particularly interested in the vehicles from that scale and terminators. There was supposed to be a redish t-800 representing the scene where john shoots the molten metal on the t-800. I was lucky enough to get the giant walker one from a asian dealer on ebay for 20 dollars. In hind sight I should have bought them all at the time. I know they go for hundreds now lol. There was also supposed to be a hk tank, the tow truck, other resistance guys like Kyle reese, a christian bale likeness john as well. I would be very much interested in purchasing protos but at least get pictures of them. I remember seeing pictures but they quickly dissapeared from the internet

Posted by Basement_Nerd
on Monday, December 15, 2014
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