Sentence 3000
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Sentence 3000

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The idea for this character came from a boring day thinking about what it would be if a billionaire vigilante and his double life ( Sentence of Crime ) man decided to use his entire fortune to build android serial engaged in exterminating criminals ( something like a Terminator) being he who controlled via any device but then died in a shootout with drug dealers and his immortal soul passes into robots to continue fighting crime with a physical body but artificial .

This approach to history I invented on the fly because really in the original story he makes a pact with the three deities most represented both the film and the folklore of all cultures , Death , God and the Devil in exchange for he becomes his servant and these give them immortality and supernatural powers including bilocation (being in many places at once ) and powers as create fire or enchanted objects to make them even more lethal and deadly than they already are. That's the original story but here it seems a science fiction .

For this I used a spare called Bionicle toys , the LEGO company launched a while (2003-2004) , and a goat skull part of the scepter of Skeletor , main antagonist of the series Masters of the Universe makes dolls . The black parts and white colors are not selected randomly, because I thought the colors of the Ying Yang, a symbol closely related to the balance between good and evil oriental philosophy.
Not all characters have to be globally known , you have to be original, but people who have read my story on the Internet says that the character reminds Spawn ( Todd McFarlane ) or Ghost Rider. Enough plot and character features seems , admittedly , but I inspire them , I gathered the features I liked many characters and group them to create a new one.

Christening this figure by the name of Sentencing 3000.

Posted by rick1991
on Thursday, March 20, 2014
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