Rick Grimes Custom Help
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Rick Grimes Custom Help

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My question is if any of you more experienced folks could toss me some ides or pointers for a custom like this. This will be my first time ever attempting to make a custom so I could really use the help. I've seen numerous pictures on the net of customs and thought Id give it a shot.

Im guessing some of you ought to be familer with The Walking Dead series/comic. Im shooting for more of the handless crazy "jesus" looking Rick.

What would suggestions be for body/head/weapons ect be?

Right now Im waiting on a ROC Hawk body and Im pretty set on using that and just re painting and maybe sculpting a tad bit to it. As for head I was thinking a ROTJ Han Solo that I would sculpt facial hair/hair a bit. Not really liking that head too much but it will do if I can't get any other ideas?

So if anybody could point me in the directions on what they think would work best for this project then I would highly appreciate it.

Posted by Ruk
on Friday, November 18, 2011
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RedRebelCustoms -
Monday, November 21, 2011
First off, great choice. A s far as what base, it all depends on scale. ML Legendary Riders Wolverine might make a good base. Plus he has a motorcycle. A BTVS fig might be good with the boots and articulation. As well some of these have pocketed shirts for a sheriff Rick as well as a movie Ghost Rider Nightmare fig. I've seen Rick done with a Johnny Storm though. The Head maybe a ML bearded Sentry maybe Aquaman or some sculpt on the Wolvie head. If you're gonna go 7" maybe a Hercules head. The weapns I would get f tto m somewhere like CKvastings. He has a great selection of firearms. For an axe might try to find a dollar store fireman figure. Would love to see some work in progress pics.
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