FemShep needed
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FemShep needed

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Please excuse me if I am posting this in the wrong thread or whatnot. (also if someone could direct me otherwise, etc)

My boyfriend proposed to me recently, and we had this quirky idea of having our wedding caketoppers as being Halo's Masterchief and Mass Effect's FemShep to celebrate our favorite video games in the ceremony. (our family is being really traditionalist and we kind of want this one piece of ourselves in the wedding).

Much to my dismay do I find out that there is absolutely nothing out there for a Femshep figure, statue, or even kit. Our wedding is in the middle of August and it's been a great disappointment that I can't even make my own, not even knowing where to start. I found this forum through google, and saw a couple representations of FemSheps, but no advertisements for them being sold. No luck on eBay so far either.

Basically, I'm asking if anyone would be willing to work with me on this, or maybe steer me in the right direction for how much something like that would cost, how I could go about making one, or if someone would be a doll and make one for me (compensation forthcoming, of course). It really would make both me and my fiance so happy, and make our special day even more special for a couple of happy gamers

Also, I'd like to note that the FemShep would not be used exclusively just as a cake topper, as I'm thoroughly in love with the concept and it would be in my very careful care following the wedding, as I am in love with any and all things Mass Effect

Thank you for any advice, offers, or tips anyone can provide!

Posted by phoenix_starr23
on Thursday, July 5, 2012
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HeartBreakKid -
Wednesday, July 11, 2012
if you provide the figure Id use as a base Ill do the job for free Ill even pay shipping as long as you're in the US
boxghost -
Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Sent you a PM with some info
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