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group project

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Hello my names Ed and I've been a lurker of this website for sometime admiring all the amazing custom works! Me and my friends were throwing some ideas around while playing a marvel fighting game and we have a pretty epic story forming. It's going to be a spinoff/redo of some story involving Xavier's darker days. Which brings me to why I'm here! We want to bring this story to life in stop action style, I'm a film guy so this is definitely in the works and I'm inspired. I was planning on building some figures myself but I'd hate to waste money trying to get some decent models. So I'm wondering if anyone has cheap formulas of action figures they can inbox me or if anyone would be interested in having their models featured in this? I can't promise it will be as tight in the joints when it's returned but we'd try our damn best to return them how we received them. If you're willing to do this I will send you a script to see if you're even interested as well as my personal info and some kind of contract. The username is my real name btw, I'm trying to be very sincere and would love any help I can get to make this come to life. (barbies are welcomed for a scene)

Posted by edwardstengel
on Tuesday, September 10, 2013
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RedRebelCustoms -
Thursday, October 24, 2013
Wwe figures can be found fairly cheap and TNA impact or Deluxe Aggression have loads of useful articulation. The comment about thrift stores is dead on too. Goodwill, Savers, Big Lots, Ross, are all great examples. Dollar stores have cheap figures that come with plenty of accessories you can use or if you are willing to paint them you can find lots of doll accessories on auction sites as well as in thrift stores.
Patraw -
Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Have you tried hitting up your local thrift stores, flea markets, etc.? You should be able to find some dirt cheap Barbies, and Marvel figures, with a little bit of searching. I think it'd probably be more efficient and cost-effective to have your own figures to shoot with than borrowing someone else's and then mailing them back to them, but it's your call.
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