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NFL Figures

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Hey folks, I am looking to start customizing Sports figures and I'm completely new to customizing figures so I am literally starting VERY fresh with NO idea where to start. I've considered the types of paints brushes and sealants, etc from past posts and all of the advice is greatly appreciated.... and THANK YOU. however, I was hoping to get some advice on where to buy parts for figures, advice on the process. do I buy an already painted figure, how to strip the paint or should I paint over, to prime or not to prime, how do I prime..... lol... I was also instructed by someone to use an inkjet, waterslide decal for the numbers and logo...... do I put a sealant over the decal after applied? I'd LOVE to find some great advice and references to buying parts and perhaps some youtube videos. everywhere I look, there is hardly anything in the SPORTS FIGURE world. any help would be appreciated. if it was covered in any past posts I apologize..... I swear I looked endlessly. thanks in advance for any guidance.

Posted by BuffaloBills718
on Saturday, March 29, 2014
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Truwe 316 -
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
First and foremost, I would recommend visiting the tutorial portion of this site:

While most of the tutorials are comic figures and such, the sports figures are still figures and the materials used in the tutorials will still work for what you want to do.

Unfortunately, there isn't a magic customizer store where you can buy figures to use for customs. I search for figure lots on ebay, go to garage sales, visit figure trade boards, etc. Anywhere you can think of. If you are looking to do McFarlane Toys, places like Marshall's or TJ Maxx will have figures on clearance here and there. Basically, get creative and just visit any store that might sell figures, you just never know.

Doesn't really matter if a figure is painted or not if you are going to use it for a custom. The key enemy is the mold release companies use to release the plastic from the mold. I sell a majority of my customs, so prep is important to me because I don't want paint to chip or rub off once it is in my customers' hands. Some people would say I over prep but here is what I do:

Wash - Warm water and some dish soap, soak the figure for a few minutes. Then I take a toothbrush and I scrub with the soap. Rinse off the soap and let the figure dry.
Tack cloth - $1 at most hardware stores. This will get off any particles and mold release used. Also do this again before you prime if you did any sanding or sculpt work on your figure
Prime - Spray on Primer is what I use. Any primer that works on plastic (Krylon, Citadel, Army Paints, etc) will work. Paint is not made to adhere straight up to plastic. Any time a customizer says he doesn't use primer, I pitty his or her customers because it is not a solid piece. Might not break down right away but it will in time.

I have never used decals before so I would read the back of the packaging when you buy decal paper. I would say sealer wouldn't hurt and would give you a consistent look to your figure.
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