Waterslide decal question
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Waterslide decal question

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I apologize if it has already been asked but I have a simple question regarding waterslide decals...

Q. How can I put a bend in a straight line decal?

I am trying to run a set of stripes down a leg of a figure, and was hoping that there might be a way to put a bend in the parallel lines so that it follows the bend of the leg? I know that there are solutions that help the decal fit into cracks/crevices, is this something that I would use to alter the decal?



Posted by sundevilsdave
on Monday, May 5, 2014
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Patraw -
Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Maybe if you cut a few partial slits or narrow triangles in the decal where you want the bend to be, prior to applying it? Those cuts gives the decal some ability to "flex". I make my own handmade decals, rather than using waterslide ones, but that's what I do if I need it to conform to a curved or irregular surface. Alternatively, you could try cutting the decal into multiple pieces and apply them individually, making sure that the cut edges match up.

By way of example, I used both of those techniques (ok, I'm lying, the decal was so delicate that it ripped into smaller pieces when I handled it, so I had no choice but to apply it in pieces) to affix the red stripes along the sides of this Makara figurine:

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