New Guy here. Resin Question
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New Guy here. Resin Question

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Hello to everyone! First post (and by a newbie in the hobby), so hopefully I don't make a bad first impression! Yay!

I'm just now getting into making custom action figures after years of not caring about toys since my mid-teens. I've so far got two WIP figures made from recasting other figures using hardware epoxy putties like KwikWood and QuikSteel using silicone rubber molds I've made. I want to make figures to sell as supplementary income, but need to know if I should jump to resin over the epoxy for durability reasons, and if so which resin I should get.

I currently use KwikWood for skin-tone parts and Waterweld for things that'll be any other colors. Both epoxies are putty-types you mix with your hands and are rated to 900PSI (though THIS SITE purports Waterweld has a tensile strength up to 6,000PSI). I've heard resin's durability is generally limited, but compared to the two epoxies I currently use, which is the stronger material?

Posted by Crash
on Thursday, December 25, 2014
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