Power Rangers Super Megaforce Head
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Power Rangers Super Megaforce Head

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Beginner here and I am interested in making a few custom Super Megaforce figures ( 5inch ) and I am curious about 2 major things. I am a longtime Power Rangers fan and despite the Dino Charge coming out my son likes the Super Megaforce the most and has tons of extras due to birthdays and Christmas. My hope is someone on here has tampered with these Rangers and might give me some help. Currently He's interested in a Purple and Black Super Megaforce Rangers and for a surprise for him I thought of making a White Ranger.

1. How would I go about removing a head without breaking the figure?
2. What would I use to create, let's say for example the gold ranger's shield.

Thank you in advance for any tips and advice on how to go about this. I would look into having them commissioned since a lot of you on here do amazing work. However, due to multiple surgeries and some set backs I am without work, so I figured with all the excellent work my son is doing in school and the big help he's been for his mother, I thought I could do something special for him while I recover.

Again thanks in advance

Images as Requested, hope this helps.

Posted by Cyrelian
on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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Truwe 316 -
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Never worked with the 5 inch figures before but it is almost certain the boil and pop method of removal should do the trick for the head. Works on almost every figure I have ever done.

For sculpting stuff, a lot of us use a two part epoxy mix such as Aves to sculpt additional details to figures.

If you could provide some reference pics, it might give the less knowledgeable power ranger fans (myself included) and idea of what you are trying to accomplish.
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