Seeking Help Making/Acquiring Mass Effect Custom
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Seeking Help Making/Acquiring Mass Effect Custom

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So--the FAQ said no selling (which I am not), infact I am seeking someone who may be willing to help me with this. If this is not allowed, I do apologize.

My fiance, who is returning from deployment, is a huge fan of the game series Mass Effect, but there are NO figures of their favorite character, Kaidan Alenko. I have already gotten them the Kai Arts Shepard Doll, and I wanted to purchase or make a companion Kaidan one (and perhaps a second one, as I adore Kaidan as well). I thought getting another Shepard doll of the same kind would be best, since all I would have to do it is repaint the armor (as far as the body goes), but I'm not sure what kind of head I would need (size/style, etc) to really make it look the part. Kaidan and Shep don't look THAT much alike, and I am not the worlds greatest painter.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (this would be my first custom if I go this route) and again if this isn't allowed, ignore it--but if anyone is willing to paint the head(s) for me, I would gladly pay/trade them for their service

Thank you all in advance!

And for those of you who may not be familiar with the subject matter, here are some reference images:



Kai Arts Shep Doll:

Posted by burningxcascade
on Saturday, June 6, 2015
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