About to Begin First Customs in GL Blackest Night and DCUC..
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About to Begin First Customs in GL Blackest Night and DCUC..

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Okay, so I've got an almost-complete collection of the Blackest Night figures, including a lot of them from the DCUC series as well. But I don't want to case them up and lock them in a display before adding a few custom characters to the collection. Namely characters from the GL Animated series - Razer, Bleeze, (possibly going to attempt a Zilius Zox, but it depends on how these others go), Ragnar, Aya, Chaselon, Larvox, Ch'p, Metaan, Shiar Rev, Iolande, and what's-his-face, the one Iolande inherited from... That guy. Dulak. That's it. Anyways, I'm going to be trying to stick to DCUC figures for bases so that they're in good proportion with the rest of my collection, but for certain characters I'd spend the big money and use a Blackest Night figure if need be.

ANYWAYS, my open-ended question is, "Does anyone have any good info to know about customizing either of these lines in particular, as far as what sorts of pitfalls to avoid and how, ways the plastics work that are unique to these figures, etc...? Like, I've read all the tutorials, learned a lot (I tried customizing back in the late 90's to a few tiny successes, but mainly huge messes, so...) but regarding these two lines of figures in PARTICULAR... I just don't want to dive into these without any sort of game plan.

Any advice is gladly welcome. I'm already giddily plotting out my new tool kit, making shopping lists... Can't wait to show off some finished work.

Posted by Oddy920
on Tuesday, July 14, 2015
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Truwe 316 -
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
I've worked with a lot of DCUC over the years and here is what I found.

Get a set of small sanding files and sand all the joints to create a small space. Biggest offenders are the shoulders and the side hip articulation.

Wash the figure really well, especially if you are using a base that was made before series 4. This will help with the chemical reaction of the older series where the white powder started to form.

DCUC plastic hates paint, so if you are not going to prime the figure, good luck keeping paint on it.

If any of the heads suffer from bobblehead syndrome, get some hot glue and fill in where the neck peg goes into the neck and shoulders.

Good luck.
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