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TDK 5" Joker (purple)
TDK 5" Joker (green)
Legends of the Dark knight Batgirl (no bow)
Batman begins Batman (Limited Edition w/ posable cape)
Justice Lords Batman
Future Knight Batman Beyond
Movie Masters Scarecrow
DC Infinite Heroes Green Arrow
DC Infinite Heroes Black Canary
Mattel Sky Strike Batman w/ glider

Marvel Crossovers Transformers Venom -$10
SM3 New Goblin (5 inch)
Marvel Minimates Wolverine (maskless/shirtless Hugh Jackman)
ML Lady Deathstrike
SMC 19 Toxin
Amazing Spider-man 18 Shocker
Planet of the Symbiotes Riot (no arm projectiles)
Spiderman Classics Series 2 (Demonic) Hobgoblin
MU Red Hulk (Rulk)

7" Freddy Kreuger
Mortal Kombat GI Joe Johnny Cage
Clone Trooper
Sith Evolutions Shirtless Darth Maul


DCD Deathstroke (masked)
DC Infinite Heroes Nightwing
DC Infinite Heroes Hush (Jason Todd)
DCSH Nightwing
Power Cape Batman Beyond
V for Vendetta V
JUSTICE Green Lantern
Infinite Heroes Dr. Fate
Infinite Heroes The Specter
Infinite Heroes OMAC
Infinite Heroes Psycho Pirate
Infinite Heroes Anti-Monitor
Orange Lantern Ring

Spin N Trap Spider-man (Spider-man Unlimited)
Spider-man origins Signature Series Iron Spider
Spider-man Origins Iron Spider (metallic paint)
HML Danger
KB exclusive Scarlet Spider
XMOW Wolverine (yellow/blue)
XMOW Wolverine (orange/brown)
MU X-Force Wolverine
MU Human Torch (flamed on)
ML Series 8 Modern Iron Man
ML Face Off series 2 Modular Iron Man
ML Face Off War Machine
ML House of M Inhuman Torch
Amazing Spider-man 16 Venom
MS Mephisto
MS Thanos w/ Lady Death
Superhero Showdown Silver Surfer
Superhero Showdown Magneto
Superhero Showdown Ghost Rider
Superhero Showdown Captain America
Superhero Showdown Venom
Superhero Showdown Spider-man
MU Iron Fist
MU Green Goblin
MU Hobgoblin
HML Marvel Girl (regular)
TBML Movie Blade (legs)
HML Xorn

Master Chief
SOTA Cammy
MvC Strider Hiryu
CLOVERFIELD (a want as big as your mother!)

Posted by CCIADB
on Sunday, October 25, 2009
User Comments
PJ&AudsCustoms -
Monday, October 26, 2009
Very interested in the Freddy figure, as I said. I'd like to see a pic though, and what of my stuff are you interested in?
hobbygoblin -
Sunday, October 25, 2009
I am interested in your freddy figure
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