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Characters Starting with P


Pablo Jill (Star Wars)
Padme Amidala (Star Wars)
Padme Naberrie (Star Wars)
Paine (Final Fantasy)
Panthor (Masters of the Universe)
Paploo (Star Wars)
Para-Viper (G.I. Joe)
Parademon (DC)
Parallax (DC)
Parasite (DC)
Passel Argente (Star Wars)
Patch (Marvel)
Pathfinder (G.I. Joe)
Pavel Andreievich Chekov (Star Trek)
Pax Bonkik (Star Wars)
Payload (G.I. Joe)
Peggy Carter (Marvel)
Penance (Marvel)
Penelo (Final Fantasy)
Penguin (DC)
Penguin Commando (DC)
Pepper Potts (Marvel)
Perry White (DC)
Peter Parker (Marvel)
Phage (Marvel)
Phantasm (DC)
Phantom (Final Fantasy)
Phantom Girl (DC)
Phantom Lady (DC)
Phantom Stranger (DC)
Phil Coulson (Marvel)
Phoenix (Marvel)
Photon (Marvel)
Pike (Star Trek)
Piledriver (Marvel)
Pilot (G.I. Joe)
Pilot Droid (Star Wars)
Pip the Troll (Marvel)
Pit Commando (G.I. Joe)
Pit Droid (Star Wars)
Pit Viper (G.I. Joe)
Plastic Man (DC)
Plo Koon (Star Wars)
Plourr Ilo (Star Wars)
Po Nudo (Star Wars)
Poggle the Lesser (Star Wars)
Poison Ivy (DC)
Polaris (Marvel)
Polis Massan (Star Wars)
Ponda Baba (Star Wars)
Pons Limbic (Star Wars)
Pote Snitkin (Star Wars)
Power Droid (Star Wars)
Power Girl (DC)
Power Man (Marvel)
Power Ring (DC)
Pre Vizsla (Star Wars)
Preacher (DC)
Predacon (G.I. Joe)
Prince Adam (Masters of the Universe)
Prince Arthas (Warcraft)
Prince Xizor (Star Wars)
Princess Leia (Star Wars)
Probe Droid (Star Wars)
Professor Hulk (Marvel)
Professor Xavier (Marvel)
Professor Zoom (DC)
Promethia (DC)
Protector (Marvel)
Prowler (Marvel)
Prune Face (Star Wars)
Psyche-Out (G.I. Joe)
Psycho-Man (Marvel)
Psycho-Pirate (DC)
Psylocke (Marvel)
PT Boat Commander (G.I. Joe)
Puck (Marvel)
Puma (Marvel)
Punisher (Marvel)
Pyro (Marvel)
Python Officer (G.I. Joe)
Python Trooper (G.I. Joe)
Total Characters: 82
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