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Apocalypse - Character Profile

Publisher:Marvel Comics
Real Name:En Sabah Nur
Height:Able to Change Height
Race:Human Mutant
Created By:Jackson Guice, Louise Simonson
1st Appearance:Uncanny X-Men #119 (March 1978)
Affiliations:Four Horsemen, Dark Riders, Alliance of Evil, Clan Akkaba
Powers:immortality, shape shifting, superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes, teleportation, energy manipulation, psionic powers, and genius level intellect

Born immortal at the dawn of man kind. Apocalypses ambition to take over the world have put him among the most fearsome villains. He believes that only the most fit deserve to survive.
Last updated by Captain Coder on November 22, 2008.
All Produced Apocalypse Action Figures
1991ApocalypseSeries 1X-MenToy Biz
1993Apocalypse (2nd Edition)Series 4X-MenToy Biz
1994Apocalypse10" FiguresX-MenToy Biz
1994Apocalypse vs. ArchangelSeries 1X-Men - Steel MutantsToy Biz
1996Apocalypse (Meteor Might)10" FiguresMarvel UniverseToy Biz
1996ApocalypseAge of ApocalypseX-MenToy Biz
1996Post Apocalypse Beast (Black & Red Outfit)Battle BrigadeX-MenToy Biz
1996Post Apocalypse Beast (Blue & Yellow)Battle Brigade RepaintsX-MenToy Biz
1996Apocalypse RisingOnslaughtX-MenToy Biz
1997ApocalypseAmazing HeroesMarvelToy Biz
1997ApocalypseMarvel - Heavy Metal HeroesToy Biz
1997Cable / Apocalypse12" Scale - 2-PacksMarvel - Super HeroesToy Biz
1997Apocalypse (Future)Missile FlyersX-MenToy Biz
1998ApocalypseKayBee ExclusivesX-MenToy Biz
1998ApocalypseSuper ShootersX-MenToy Biz
1998Apocalypse vs. DhalsimSeries 2X-Men - vs Street FighterToy Biz
2000ApocalypseX-Men - ClassicsToy Biz
2004ApocalypseSeries 7Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
2005Apocalypse [Build-A-Figure]Series 12 - Apocalypse SeriesMarvel Legends (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
2007Apocalypse & BeastMega Packs Series 2Marvel Super Hero SquadHasbro
2008Archangel / ApocalypseWave 19Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2008Death Archangel / ApocalypseWave 19Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2011Age of Apocalypse 2 (Comic Con)Exclusives - 2011Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2011ApocalypseWave 13Marvel Universe - Fury FilesHasbro
 24 Action Figures Produced
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