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R4-H5 - Character Profile

Real Name:N.A.
Height:0.96 meters
Race:R4-series agromech droid
Sex:Non living genderles being
Origin:Rordis City (Nubia)
Base of Operations:the Galaxy
Created By:Industrial Automaton
1st Appearance:Clone Wars (Volume 1: Chapter 1)
Universe:Star Wars
Affiliations:Jedi Order
Powers:Droid powers

R4-H5 was an R4-series agromech droid used by Jedi Master Kit Fisto in his Delta-7 Jedi starfighter. R4-H5 was painted a red-orange color.
R4-H5 lacks the R4-series's trademark conical head dome, similar to R4-P17, the droid used by Obi-Wan Kenobi in his Delta-7. The Jedi modified many of their R4 units to have R2 series domes. Coincidentally enough, R4-H5 shares the "H5" with Kit Fisto's other droid, R6-H5. This is also the case with Plo Koon's droids R7-F5 (who helped pilot his Delta-7B) and R4-F5 (who helped pilot his later Delta-7.)
In 2008 Hasbro made a figure of R4-H5 as part of their Build-a-Droid series, offered exclusive to Wal-Mart.
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