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Rorschach - Character Profile

Publisher:DC Comics
Real Name:Walter Joseph Kovacs
Weight:176 ibs.
Origin:Rorschach, born Walter Joseph Kovacs, is the son of Sylvia Kovacs, a prostitute, and
Base of Operations:Where the people are crying out save us...
Created By:Steve Ditko
1st Appearance:Watchmen #1 (1986)
Affiliations:Watchmen and himself
Powers:Peak human ability, master martial-artist

Rorschach (pronounced ROR-SHAHK) is a fictional comic book superhero featured in the acclaimed 1986 DC Comics miniseries Watchmen. Rorschach was created by Watchmen writer Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons, but as with most of the central characters in the series, he was an analog for a Charlton Comics character, in this case The Question and Mr A, characters created by Steve Ditko, whose work Moore admired.

His mask displays a constantly morphing inkblot that is based on the ambiguous designs used in Rorschach inkblot tests. Rorschach considers the mask his true "face". He continues his one-man battle against crime long after superheroes have become both detested and illegal. Rorschach’s actions and journal writings display a belief in moral absolutism and moral objectivism, where good and evil are clearly defined and evil must be violently punished. He has alienated himself from the rest of society to achieve these aims. Politically, he is both anti-communist and anti-liberal. Rorschach is described by Alan Moore as an extremely right-wing character.
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