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Andorian - Character Profile

Sex:thaan and chen (male), also shen and zhen (female)
Origin:From an icy Class M moon Andoria, which orbits a blue, ringed gas giant, they are know for their blue skin, a pair of cranial antennae, and white hair. Andorians are xenophobes, exhibiting mistrust of other races. Mating rituals involve four members
Base of Operations:Andoria a moon of Andor and Federation Space
Created By:Gene Roddenberry and D.C. Fontana
1st Appearance:Star Trek
Universe:Star Trek
Affiliations:United Federation of Planets, Andorian Empire

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Last updated by Captnchris on June 9, 2013.
All Produced Andorian Action Figures
1976AndorianSeries 3Star Trek (Mego)Mego
1997AndorianSeries 4Star Trek - Warp FactorPlaymates
1999Andorian Ambassador ShrasAliens and Adversaries EditionStar Trek - Collectors SeriesPlaymates
2008AndorianStar Trek - TOS Cloth RetroDiamond Select
 4 Action Figures Produced
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