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Silk Spectre - Character Profile

Name:Silk Spectre
Real Name:Laurie Juzpeczyk
Origin:1940's-1960's war.
Base of Operations:Watchmen h.q.,later Dr.Manhattan home.
Created By:Alan Moore,Dave Gibbons & John Higgins.
1st Appearance:Watchmen limited series (between September 1986 & October 1987)

Laurie Juspeczik trained from chilldhood to carry on the legacy of her heroic mother,the first Silk Spectre. At first and only meeting of the Watchmen,she met Dr. Manhattan,whom she would live with for many years. When their relationship fell apart after the death of the Comedian,the Silk Spectre moved into the future... only to uncover the truth about the past.
Last updated by MCollector on May 29, 2012.
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2009Silk Spectre (Modern)Series 1WatchmenDC Direct
2009Silk Spectre (Classic)Series 2WatchmenDC Direct
 2 Action Figures Produced
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