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Cyclops - Character Profile

Publisher:Marvel Comics
Real Name:Scott Summers
Height:6' 3''
Weight:195 lbs.
Race:Human Mutant
Base of Operations:X-Mansion
Created By:Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
1st Appearance:X-Men #1 (Sep 1963)
Affiliations:X-Men, Corsairs Squad, X-Factor, X-Terminators, The Twelve, Askani Clan Rebellion, Hounds, Brotherhood of Mutants Earth-2182
Powers:Fires concussive force from eyes

The first born son of Major Christopher Summers and Kathrine Summers, Scott found his life ripped apart one faithful night when his father was flying the family back from vacation.

A craft of the Shi'ar Empire attacked the small craft. Desperate to save her two children, Kathrine pushed Scott and his younger brother Alex out of the plane with the only parachute.

Upon landing, Scott hit his head, causing him severe brain damage that would greatly effect his life from that point on.

The two brothers were separated after their parents were declared dead and Alex was soon adopted while Scott remained in a coma for over a year.

Later in life he came under the care of the criminal Jack Winters, better known as Jack of Diamonds. He soon began to experience severe headaches, but these mysteriously vanished when he wore special lenses made of ruby-quartz.

It was during this time that Scott's powers first manifested and demolished a construction crane that fell, threatening to kill those below. With another blast, Scott saved the lives of the people, who thinking that he tried to kill them, rallied into an angry mob. He was only able to escape by hitching a ride on a train.

Desiring to use Scott as a tool in his crimes, Jack abused the child when he refused. Thankfully, some one had become aware of Scott after he used his powers. His name was Professor Charles Xavier. The Professor, aligning with FBI Agent Fred Duncan, rescued Scott from the abuse of Jack Winters.

Scott was then enlisted by Xavier as the first member of his special team to train young mutants in the use of the powers and fight for mutant rights all over the globe.

Scott Summers often suffers from crippling self doubt and fear that he can not live up to Professor Xavier's standards and saw himself as a poor choice as field leader. However, in time, he proved himself a natural born leader and tactician.

Though he comes into conflict with fellow X-Man Wolverine, the two have come to a begrudging respect for the other.
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