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Destro - Character Profile

Real Name:James McCullen Destro XXIV
Base of Operations:Castle Destro, Scotland
Universe:G.I. Joe
Affiliations:Cobra, Iron Grenadiers

Destro is the owner of the weapons manufacturer company MARS (Military Armament Research Syndicate), Cobra's main weapon supplier. He also is a cunning enemy, albeit with a sense of honor and respect towards the G.I. Joe team. He wears a steel mask as part of a family tradition.
Last updated by DAMartin on May 29, 2015.
All Produced Destro Action Figures
1983DestroSeries 2G.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
1988Destro's Despoiler (with Destro)Series 7 - AccessoriesG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
1992DestroSeries 11G.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
1993DestroSeries 12 - Star Brigade - Armor-TechG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
1993DestroSeries 3G.I. Joe - Hall of FameHasbro
1997Cobra Command TeamSeries 14 - Team PacksG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
2001Destro / Fast Blast ViperSeries 2G.I. Joe - A Real American HeroHasbro
2002Gung-Ho vs. DestroG.I. Joe vs. CobraHasbro
2003Grunt vs. DestroSpy TroopsG.I. Joe vs. CobraHasbro
2003Destro's Dominator (with Destro)VehiclesG.I. Joe vs. CobraHasbro
2004Kamakura / Destro2-PacksG.I. Joe - Valor vs VenomHasbro
2005General Mayhem: M.A.R.S. Invades! (Convention)ExclusivesG.I. Joe - Valor vs VenomHasbro
2006Mantis Mech (with Destro)Mission ManualG.I. Joe - Sigma SixHasbro
2007Cobra Team Set #1Box SetsG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Iron Grenadier Command (Toys R Us)3-PacksG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Destro / BreakerComic 2-Packs - Wave 2G.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Destro (Black Helmet) / Iron GrenadierComic 2-Packs - Wave 5G.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Destro (Gold Helmet) / Iron Grenadier Comic 2-Packs - Wave 5G.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Shockblast / DestroComic 2-Packs - Wave 8G.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008M.A.S.S. DeviceDVD Battle PacksG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Destro (Red & Leopard) (Gold Head) (ComicCon)ExclusivesG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Destro (Red & Leopard) (Silver Head) (ComicCon)ExclusivesG.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Destro (v1)Wave 4G.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008Destro (v2) (Iron Grenadier)Wave 5G.I. Joe - 25th AnniversaryHasbro
2008DestroWave 2G.I. Joe - Mighty MuggsHasbro
2009Destro (Weapons Supplier)Collection 1 - Wave 1G.I. Joe - Rise of CobraHasbro
2010Destro (Arctic Threat)Wave 2G.I. Joe - Pursuit of CobraHasbro
2011DestroWave 4G.I. Joe - Pursuit of CobraHasbro
 28 Action Figures Produced
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