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Heavy Duty - Character Profile

Name:Heavy Duty
Real Name:Lamont A. Morris
Origin:Chicago, Illinois
Base of Operations:World Wide
1st Appearance:1991 Toyline
Universe:G.I. Joe
Affiliations:G.I. Joe - Star Brigade
Powers:Operating ManPortableHeavyWeaponsSystem

When he is in battle in his head he hears classical music. He has a big heart and soul. At a young age,he developed a passion for classical music and even became an accomplished classical guitarist. Playing the musical instruments gave Heavy Duty the edge in operating heavy weapons systems that require some specialization in operating them with both hands.
Last updated by Collectar on July 29, 2010.
All Produced Heavy Duty Action Figures
1991Heavy DutySeries 10G.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
1992Heavy DutySeries 2G.I. Joe - Hall of FameHasbro
1993Heavy DutySeries 12 - Star Brigade - Armor-TechG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
1998Mobat (with Heavy Duty / Thunderwing)Series 15 - AccessoriesG.I. Joe - Classic CollectionHasbro
2001Heavy Duty vs. Cobra C.L.A.W.S.G.I. Joe vs. CobraHasbro
2002Heavy Duty vs. Skull BusterG.I. Joe vs. CobraHasbro
2004Heavy DutyG.I. Joe - Valor vs VenomHasbro
2004Heavy Duty / Razorclaw2-PacksG.I. Joe - Valor vs VenomHasbro
2005Heavy Duty (Ground Blast)G.I. Joe - Sigma SixHasbro
2009Heavy Duty (Heavy Weapons Specialist)Collection 2 - Wave 1G.I. Joe - Rise of CobraHasbro
2009Heavy Duty (Reactive Impact Armor)Collection 2 - Wave 2G.I. Joe - Rise of CobraHasbro
 11 Action Figures Produced
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