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Nightcrawler - Character Profile

Publisher:Marvel Comic
Real Name:Kurt Wagner
Race:Human Mutant
Base of Operations:X-Mansion
Created By:Len Wein, Dave Cockrum
1st Appearance:Giant Sized X-Men #1
Affiliations:X-Men, Excalibur, X-Treme Sanctions Executive
Powers:teleportation, superhuman agility, prehensil tail, night vision, wall crawling,

Nightcrawler is a man of contridictions. Born of evil, Kurt is a man of peace. With the form a demon, Kurt is a devote Catholic. Hated and feared since birth due to his demonic appearance, he was raised by Margali Szardos and the other preformers in the circus, one of the few places he could find comfort.

Eventually, Kurt left the circus and met his foster brother, who had gone insane and killed several children. However, the towns people belived him, with his demonic apperance to be the killer. Moments from being killed by a mob, Kurt was rescued by Professor Xavier and gratfully joined the X-Men.
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All Produced Nightcrawler Action Figures
1991NightcrawlerX-Men - BendablesJust Toys
1991Nightcrawler (Super Suction)Series 1X-MenToy Biz
1993Nightcrawler (Super Suction)Series 3X-MenToy Biz
1994Nightcrawler vs. Spider-Man (Web-Racer)Wal-Mart ExclusivesSpider-Man - Animated SeriesToy Biz
1996NightcrawlerClassic Light up WeaponsX-MenToy Biz
1996NightcrawlerClassic Light up WeaponsX-MenToy Biz
1997NightcrawlerX-Men ClassicsMarvel - Famous CoversToy Biz
1997Nightcrawler (Aqua Attack)Water WarsX-MenToy Biz
2001NightcrawlerSeries 1X-Men - EvolutionToy Biz
2001Nightcrawler IISeries 3X-Men - EvolutionToy Biz
2002LoganSeries 3X-Men - EvolutionToy Biz
2003Giant Size X-Men (Diamond Select Toys)Exclusives - 2003Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2003Nightcrawler12" FiguresX2: X-Men UnitedToy Biz
2003NightcrawlerDeluxe FiguresX2: X-Men UnitedToy Biz
2003Nightcrawler (Super-Poseable)Series 1X2: X-Men UnitedToy Biz
2005NightcrawlerSeries 9 - Galactus SeriesMarvel Legends (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
2006NightcrawlerSeries 2Figure FactoryToy Biz
2006Nightcrawler (Ultimate)Series 3X-Men - 2006 SeriesToy Biz
2007Nightcrawler & JuggernautSeries 4Marvel Super Hero SquadHasbro
2008NightcrawlerWolverine and the X-MenHasbro
2009NightcrawlerIcons - Series 5Marvel Legends (Toy Biz)Toy Biz
2010Storm / NightcrawlerComic Packs - Secret WarsMarvel Universe - Fury FilesHasbro
2011ExcaliburExclusives - 2011Marvel MinimatesDiamond Select
2013NightcrawlerMarvel SelectToy Biz
 24 Action Figures Produced
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