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Blade - Character Profile

Real Name:Eric Brooks
Height:6 ft 2
Base of Operations:Mobile
Created By:Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan
1st Appearance:Tomb of Dracula #10
Affiliations:Nightstalkers Midnight Sons
Powers:Half Vampire Super Human strenth speed Stanima and agility.Healing factor able to sense supernatural threats acute scenses and has none of the vampire weaknesess

Surprisingly (or not), the 1st appearance of Blade, the Vampire Slayer, in Tomb of Dracula #10, is worth considerably more that Tomb of Dracula #1, and is the highest valued issue in the series.

Deacon Frost, another Vampire in the ToD series, was responsible for biting Blade's mother, who died giving birth to Blade. The movie adaptation has Blade's mother surviving as a vampire who Blade later encounters.
Blade was actually born in a brothel in London England in the late 19th century. Blades mother Tara Brooks was a prostitute who was experiencing sever labor problems.A doctor was called to the scene who was actually the vampire called Deacon Frost.He feasted on her blood while she gave birth to blade she may of died but certain enzymes were passed onto blade. This gave him his vamparic abilities.Deacon would have killed the child if it weren't for taras friends who managed to drive him away.Blade honed his skills and has become Blade the vampire hunter.
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