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Robin - Character Profile


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Last updated by Guest on October 26, 2008.
All Produced Robin Action Figures
1975RobinComic Action HeroesMego
1978RobinSuper HeroesWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1978Robin (Removable Mask)Super HeroesWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1978RobinSuper Heroes - Fist FightersWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1978Robin (12" Figure)Super Heroes - Large FigureWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1978Robin (Magnetic)Super Heroes - Large FigureWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1979RobinRed CardPocket Super HeroesMego
1980RobinWhite CardPocket Super HeroesMego
1984RobinSeries 1Super PowersKenner
1990RobinDC HeroesToy Biz
1991RobinSeries 1Batman ReturnsKenner
1992RobinSeries 1Batman - Animated SeriesKenner
1993RobinDie Cast - ERTLBatman - Animated SeriesKenner
1993Robin (Ninja)Series 2Batman - Animated SeriesKenner
1993Dick Grayson / RobinSeries 3Batman - Animated SeriesKenner
1994Ninja Power Pack Batman & Robin2-PacksBatman - Animated SeriesKenner
1995Robin (Bola Trap)Series 1Batman - Adventures of Batman & RobinKenner
1995Robin (Glider)Series 4Batman - Animated SeriesKenner
1995Robin (Ski Blast)Series 1Batman - Crime SquadKenner
1995Robin (Crusader)Series 2.5Batman - Legends ofKenner
1995Robin (Martial Arts)Deluxe FiguresBatman ForeverKenner
1995Robin (Hydro Claw)Series 1Batman ForeverKenner
1995Robin (Street Biker)Series 1Batman ForeverKenner
1995Robin (Skyboard)Series 2Batman ForeverKenner
1995Robin (Triple Strike)Series 2Batman ForeverKenner
1995Robin (Tide Racer)Target ExclusivesBatman ForeverKenner
1996Robin (Air Strike)Duo Force - Series 1Batman - Adventures of Batman & RobinKenner
1996Robin (First Mate)Series 3Batman - Legends ofKenner
1996Robin (Crusader)Warner Brothers Exclusive - Series 2Batman - Legends ofKenner
1996Robin (Dive Claw)Series 1Batman - Legends of the Dark KnightKenner
1996Robin (Dive Claw)Series 1Batman - Legends of the Dark KnightKenner
1997Robin (Hydro Storm)Duo Force - Series 2Batman - Adventures of Batman & RobinKenner
1997Robin (First Mate)Warner Brothers Exclusive - Series 3Batman - Legends ofKenner
1997Robin (Crime Fighter)Batman - New AdventuresKenner
1997RobinDie CastBatman - New AdventuresKenner
1997Robin12" ScaleBatman & RobinKenner
1997Night Hunter Robin vs Evil Entrapment Poison Ivy2-PacksBatman & RobinKenner
1997Robin (Aerial Defender)Deluxe FiguresBatman & RobinKenner
1997Robin (Wing Blast)Deluxe FiguresBatman & RobinKenner
1997Robin (Glacier Battle)Deluxe FiguresBatman & RobinKenner
1997Robin's Redbird CycleDeluxe FiguresBatman & RobinKenner
1997Robin (Iceboard)Series 1Batman & RobinKenner
1997Robin (Razor Skate)Series 1Batman & RobinKenner
1997Ultimate RobinUltimate FiguresBatman & RobinKenner
1998RobinYamato Imports - Wave 1Batman (DC Direct)DC Direct
1998Alfred as RobinJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 1998MAD MagazineDC Direct
1998RobinWarner BrothersDC Super Heroes (Hasbro)Hasbro
1998Robin (Hyper Crush)Batman - Knight Force NinjasKenner
1998Robin (Side Strike)Batman - Knight Force NinjasKenner
1998Robin (Jungle Rage)Series 3Batman - Legends of the Dark KnightKenner
1998Robin12" ScaleBatman - New AdventuresKenner
1998Batman and RobinExclusives - Wal-MartBatman - New AdventuresKenner
1998Batman / Robin / Alfred / ClayfaceMulti PacksBatman - New AdventuresKenner
1998Robin (Blade Blast)Series 2Batman & RobinKenner
1998Robin (Talon Strike)Series 2Batman & RobinKenner
1998Robin (Triple Strike)Series 2Batman & RobinKenner
1998Robin (Attack Wing)Series 2 (with Batman Ring)Batman & RobinKenner
1998Robin (Talon Strike)Series 2 (with Batman Ring)Batman & RobinKenner
1998Robin (Triple Strike)Series 2 (with Batman Ring)Batman & RobinKenner
1999Robin (Firewall)BatlinkBatman BeyondHasbro
1999Robin (Arctic Blast)Series 1Batman - Mission MastersKenner
1999Robin (Arctic Ambush)Series 2Batman - Mission MastersKenner
1999RobinJustice League America (JLA)Kenner
2000Robin (X-Ray Assailant)Batman - Spectrum of the BatHasbro
2001Robin (Night Fury)Series 4Batman - Mission MastersKenner
2001Batman and RobinWarner Bros. ExclusivesBatman - Mission MastersKenner
2001Gatekeepers of Gotham City (Batman & Robin)Warner Bros. ExclusivesBatman - Mission MastersKenner
2002Robin (Sub-Pulse Detonator)Batman - Spectrum of the BatHasbro
2002Night Shadow Batman & Night Fury Robin2-PacksBatman - Mission MastersKenner
2003Batman & RobinClassicSilver AgeDC Direct
2003Robin & RiddlerSuper FriendsDC Direct
2003Zipline Batman & Robin (Diamond)ExclusivesBatman (Mattel)Mattel
2003Robin (Battle Board)Series 1Batman (Mattel)Mattel
2003Robin (Battle Board)Series 3Batman (Mattel)Mattel
2003RobinSeries 1Batman (Yamato)Yamato
2004RobinSeries 1Contemporary Teen TitansDC Direct
2004RobinDark Knight ReturnsDC Direct
2004Robin & The PenguinDark VictoryDC Direct
2004BatmanBox SetsDC Comics - Pocket Super HeroesDC Direct
2004RobinSeries 2First AppearanceDC Direct
2004Chemical Warehouse Battle (with Batman / Joker)Wave 1C3 ConstructionDiamond Select
2005Earth 2 RobinSeries 1Crisis on Infinite EarthsDC Direct
2005RobinDeluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]DC DirectDC Direct
2006Robin (Flight Strike)Batman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Robin (Rad Zappin)Batman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Robin (Wild Wing)Batman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Robin (Flamethrower)Batman - Shadow-TekMattel
20064 Pk: Joker, Batgirl, Batman, RobinMulti-PackBatman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Robin & Moto-HawkVehiclesBatman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006RobinSeries 3DC Super Heroes (Mattel)Mattel
2007Robin & DamianBatman and SonDC Direct
2007Robin / PenguinSeries 2DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2007Two-Face vs. RobinFighting FiguresDC Universe ClassicsMattel
2008RobinSeries 2New Teen TitansDC Direct
2008RobinWave 3DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2010Earth 2 Robin75 Years of Super PowerDC Infinite HeroesMattel
2011RobinSeries 1Batman - Arkham CityDC Direct
2011Robin (Strike Shield)Batman - Power AttackMattel
2011Robin (Combat Smash)DeluxeBatman - Power AttackMattel
2011Robin (Arkham City) / JokerWave 2 - 2-PacksBatman LegacyMattel
2011Robin (Classic)Wave 16DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2011Robin (Modern)Wave 16DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2012Damian as RobinBatman IncorporatedDC Direct
2012Alfred as RobinJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 2012MAD MagazineDC Direct
2012Batman / Robin[4" Scale]Young JusticeMattel
2012Robin[6" Scale]Young JusticeMattel
2014Robin (Arkham Knight)Wave 3DC Comics MultiverseMattel
 107 Action Figures Produced
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