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Riddler - Character Profile

Real Name:Edward Nygma,original: Edward
Origin:Batman Universe
Base of Operations:Arkham Asylum
Created By:Bill Finger & Dick Sprang
1st Appearance:Detective Comics #140 (October 1948)
Affiliations:Legion of Doom,Secret Society of Supper Villains

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Last updated by MCollector on May 28, 2012.
All Produced Riddler Action Figures
1978RiddlerSuper HeroesWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1978RiddlerSuper Heroes - Fist FightersWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1989RiddlerDC HeroesToy Biz
1992RiddlerSeries 1Batman - Animated SeriesKenner
1995RiddlerSeries 2Batman - Legends ofKenner
1995Riddler & Two-Face2-PacksBatman ForeverKenner
1995Riddler (Talking)Deluxe FiguresBatman ForeverKenner
1995Riddler (Trapping Brain-Drain Helmet)Series 1Batman ForeverKenner
1995Riddler (Question Mark Bazooka)Series 2Batman ForeverKenner
1995Riddler (Capture Brain Drain Helmet)Target ExclusivesBatman ForeverKenner
1996RiddlerWarner Brothers Exclusive - Series 2Batman - Legends ofKenner
1997Riddler (Roto Chopper)Duo Force - Series 2Batman - Adventures of Batman & RobinKenner
1997Batman vs. The RiddlerBatman - Movie CollectionKenner
1998Riddler (Tornado Blade)Batman - Knight Force NinjasKenner
1999Riddler (Rumble Ready)Series 1Batman - Mission MastersKenner
2001Batman vs. The RiddlerWarner Bros. ExclusivesBatman - Mission MastersKenner
2003Robin & RiddlerSuper FriendsDC Direct
2004RiddlerSeries 2Batman - HushDC Direct
2004RiddlerYamato Imports - Wave 2Batman (DC Direct)DC Direct
2004RiddlerSeries 2Batman (Yamato)Yamato
2005RiddlerSeries 3First AppearanceDC Direct
2005RiddlerMini FlyersC3 ConstructionDiamond Select
2006RiddlerBatman - Extreme PowerMattel
2008RiddlerWave 5DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2011RiddlerWave 16DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2012RiddlerSeries 2Batman - Arkham CityDC Direct
2014RiddlerGreg Capullo's BatmanDesigner SeriesDC Collectibles
2015RiddlerBatman - Classic TV SeriesMattel
 28 Action Figures Produced
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