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Bane - Character Profile

Publisher:DC Comics
Height:6 ft 7
Origin:Caribbean Republic of Santa Prisca
Base of Operations:Gotham City
Created By:Chuck Dixon,Doug Moench & Graham Nolan
1st Appearance:Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1(January 1993)
Affiliations:Suicide Squad, Secret Society of Supervillians, Secret Six
Powers:Superstrength, Highly intelligent, Photographic Memory, Tactian, strategist.

Exposed to serious chemicals treatments in a particular hell in prison since his childhod,Bane may be the strong and powerfull enough to bring down the Dark Knight. He uses the chemical called Venom,which increases his strenght and healing levels to superhuman rates. Highly intelligent ad an excellent strategist,is known to be the first known enemy of Batman that defeated him.
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All Produced Bane Action Figures
1995BaneSeries 1Batman - Adventures of Batman & RobinKenner
1995BaneSeries 4Batman - Animated SeriesKenner
1996Bane (Lethal Impact)Series 1Batman - Legends of the Dark KnightKenner
1997BaneSeries 1Batman & RobinKenner
2005BaneYamato Imports - Wave 3Batman (DC Direct)DC Direct
2005BaneBatman - New AnimatedMattel
2005Batman vs. BaneMulti-PacksBatman - New AnimatedMattel
2005Bane (Australia Release)Series 4Batman (Mattel)Mattel
2005BaneSeries 3Batman (Yamato)Yamato
2006BaneBatman - KnightfallDC Direct
2006BaneSeries 1DC Super Heroes (Mattel)Mattel
2006BaneSeries 1DC Super Heroes (Mattel)Mattel
2007Batgirl / BaneSeries 4DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2007Bane (Camo)Series 7DC Super Heroes (Mattel)Mattel
2011BaneSeries 2Batman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct)DC Direct
2011Bane (Collect & Connect)Wave 16DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2012Bane (Final Assault)Dark Knight RisesMattel
2012Batman vs. BaneExclusivesDark Knight RisesMattel
2012Bane (Shirtless) / Batman (Battle Damaged) (TRU)Movie Masters - ExclusivesDark Knight RisesMattel
2012BaneMovie Masters - Series 1Dark Knight RisesMattel
2012BaneQuickTekDark Knight RisesMattel
2012Bane (Venom Menace)QuickTekDark Knight RisesMattel
2013BaneWave 1Batman - Arkham OriginsDC Collectibles
2013ZsasZ2-PacksBatman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct)DC Direct
2014Bane (Arkham Origins)Wave 1DC Comics MultiverseMattel
 25 Action Figures Produced
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