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Joker - Character Profile

Real Name:Unclear
Origin:From the first Batman comic.
Base of Operations:Gotham
Created By:Bob Kane
1st Appearance:Batman#1
Affiliations:Jokerz,Self,Injustice League

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All Produced Joker Action Figures
JokerBatman: The Dark NightReal Action HeroesMedicom
1975JokerComic Action HeroesMego
1978JokerSuper HeroesWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1978JokerSuper Heroes - Fist FightersWorld's Greatest (Mego)Mego
1984JokerSeries 1Super PowersKenner
1990Joker (Sky Escape)Series 1Batman - Dark KnightKenner
1990JokerDC HeroesToy Biz
1990JokerDC HeroesToy Biz
1991Joker (Knock-Out)Series 2Batman - Dark KnightKenner
1992JokerSeries 2Batman - Animated SeriesKenner
1993JokerDie Cast - ERTLBatman - Animated SeriesKenner
1993Joker (Jet Pack)Batman - Mask of the PhantasmKenner
1993Joker (Jet Pack)Batman - Mask of the PhantasmKenner
1994JokerSeries 1Batman - Legends ofKenner
1995Joker (Pogo Stick)Series 1Batman - Adventures of Batman & RobinKenner
1996Joker (Laughing Man)Series 3Batman - Legends ofKenner
1997Joker (Machine Gun)Series 2Batman - Adventures of Batman & RobinKenner
1997Joker (Laughing Man)Warner Brothers Exclusive - Series 3Batman - Legends ofKenner
1997Joker (Laughing Gas)Series 2Batman - Legends of the Dark KnightKenner
1997Batman vs. JokerBatman - Movie CollectionKenner
1997JokerDie CastBatman - New AdventuresKenner
1998JokerYamato Imports - Wave 1Batman (DC Direct)DC Direct
1998Joker (Wildcard)Batman - New AdventuresKenner
1998Joker12" ScaleBatman - New AdventuresKenner
1998Batman vs Joker (Wal-Mart)Exclusives - Wal-MartBatman - New AdventuresKenner
1999Joker (Virtual)BatlinkBatman BeyondHasbro
1999JokerDC Super Heroes (Hasbro)Hasbro
1999Joker (Plasma Glow) (Wal-Mart)ExclusivesBatman - Mission MastersKenner
1999Joker (Hydro Assault)Series 2Batman - Mission MastersKenner
2000Joker (Terrorcast)Batman - Spectrum of the BatHasbro
2000Joker (Arkham Assault)Return of the JokerBatman BeyondHasbro
2001Joker (Night Spark)Series 4Batman - Mission MastersKenner
2002Lunar Force Batman vs Night Spark Joker2-PacksBatman - Mission MastersKenner
2003Batgirl & JokerClassicSilver AgeDC Direct
2003Joker (Quick Fire)Series 1Batman (Mattel)Mattel
2003Batman & JokerTwo-PacksBatman (Mattel)Mattel
2003JokerSeries 1Batman (Yamato)Yamato
2004JokerSeries 1Batman - HushDC Direct
2004JokerWave 1Batman - Kia AsamiyaDC Direct
2004JokerBatman - Long HalloweenDC Direct
2004JokerDark Knight ReturnsDC Direct
2004Batcave (with Heavy Assault Batman / Bruce Wayne / Joker)Wave 1C3 ConstructionDiamond Select
2005Joker (Hammer Strike)Batman - New AnimatedMattel
20054-Pack: Firefly, Black Zip & Hover Batman, JokerMulti-PacksBatman - New AnimatedMattel
20054-Pack: Freeze, Joker, Anti-Freeze & Power DiscMulti-PacksBatman - New AnimatedMattel
2005Batman vs. The JokerMulti-PacksBatman - New AnimatedMattel
2005JokerSeries 1 - Kia AsamiyaBatman (Yamato)Yamato
2006JokerSeries 3Justice League (Alex Ross)DC Direct
2006Joker (Card Attack)Batman - Extreme PowerMattel
2006Joker (Crazy Cut-Up)Batman - Extreme PowerMattel
2006JokerBonus DVDBatman - Extreme PowerMattel
2006Joker (Strangle Sleeves)Batman - New AnimatedMattel
2006Joker (Card Attack)Batman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Joker (Hammer Strike)Batman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Joker (Smile Style)Batman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Batman & The Joker10" ScaleBatman - Shadow-TekMattel
20064 Pk: Joker, Batgirl, Batman, RobinMulti-PackBatman - Shadow-TekMattel
2006Batman Vs The JokerMulti-PackBatman - Shadow-TekMattel
2007JokerBatman and SonDC Direct
2007Joker / Harley QuinnSeries 1DC MinimatesDiamond Select
2007JokerSeries 8DC Super Heroes (Mattel)Mattel
2007Joker vs. BatgirlFighting FiguresDC Universe ClassicsMattel
2007Black Canary / Joker / Batman3-Packs - DC Super Heroes - Purple CardsJustice League UnlimitedMattel
2008Batman vs JokerExclusives - Toys R UsDark Knight - Movie MastersDC Direct
2008JokerSeries 1Dark Knight - Movie MastersDC Direct
2008JokerDeluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]DC DirectDC Direct
2008Joker (Dark Knight)Deluxe Collector Figures [13" Scale]DC DirectDC Direct
2008Joker / Mr. MxyzptlkSeries 5 - Vengeance 2Superman / BatmanDC Direct
2008Batman & The Joker[3 3/4" Scale] Series 1 - Two-PacksDark KnightMattel
2008Joker (Destructo-Case)[5" Scale] Series 1Dark KnightMattel
2008Joker (Punch Packing)[5" Scale] Series 2Dark KnightMattel
2008Joker (Holding Card)[Large Scale]Dark KnightMattel
2008Joker (Holding Knife)[Large Scale]Dark KnightMattel
2009Joker (Gotham City Thug)Exclusives - MattyCollectorDark Knight - Movie MastersDC Direct
2009Joker (Missile Launcher)Exclusives - MattyCollectorDark Knight - Movie MastersDC Direct
2009JokerDark KnightBatman (Hot Toys)Hot Toys
2009Joker (Policeman)Dark KnightBatman (Hot Toys)Hot Toys
2009Joker (Bank Robber)Dark KnightBatman (Hot Toys)Hot Toys
2009Joker (Pop Gun)Batman Brave & The BoldMattel
2009Joker (Punch Packing) (Collector's Card)[5" Scale] Series 3Dark KnightMattel
2009Gotham City Rumble[5" Scale] Series 4Dark KnightMattel
2009Joker (Destructo-Case)[5" Scale] Series 4Dark KnightMattel
2009Joker (Punch Packing)[5" Scale] Series 4Dark KnightMattel
2009Joker (Black Suit)Wave 3DC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009Joker (Purple Suit)Wave 3DC Infinite HeroesMattel
2009JokerWave 10DC Universe ClassicsMattel
2010JokerSeries 1 - 2-PacksDC OriginsDC Direct
2010Joker75 Years of Super PowerDC Infinite HeroesMattel
2011Joker (Sickened Variant) (NYCC)ExclusivesBatman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct)DC Direct
2011Joker (with Scarface)Series 1Batman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct)DC Direct
2011Joker 2.0Dark KnightBatman (Hot Toys)Hot Toys
2011Joker 2.0 (with Detonator) (Sideshow)Dark KnightBatman (Hot Toys)Hot Toys
2011Joker (Mallet Smasher)DeluxeBatman - Power AttackMattel
2011Joker (Golden Age)Wave 1Batman LegacyMattel
2011Batman (Dark Knight) / Joker (Police Honor Guard)Wave 2 - 2-PacksBatman LegacyMattel
2011Robin (Arkham City) / JokerWave 2 - 2-PacksBatman LegacyMattel
2012Titan JokerDeluxe FiguresBatman - Arkham CityDC Direct
2012Alfred as JokerJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 2012MAD MagazineDC Direct
2012Joker (Mime Version)Batman (Hot Toys)Hot Toys
2012JokerBatman - Arkham Asylum (Play Arts Kai)Play Arts Kai
2013JokerWave 1Batman - Arkham OriginsDC Collectibles
2013Joker (Attack in the Box)Batman - Power AttackMattel
2013Joker (Injustice)Wave 3DC Comics UnlimitedMattel
2014Joker (Arkham Asylum)Pop! Vinyl FiguresHeroes (Funko)Funko
2014Joker (Arkham Origins)Wave 4DC Comics MultiverseMattel
2014Joker (Dark Knight)ΒΌ ScaleBatman (Neca)Neca
2015JokerBatman - Classic TV SeriesMattel
 107 Action Figures Produced
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