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Green Lantern - Character Profile

Name:Green Lantern
Publisher:DC Comics
Created By:Bill Finger, Martin Nodell
1st Appearance:All-American Comics #16 (1940)
Affiliations:Justice Society of America, All-Star Squadren
Powers:Flight, hard light projection, and numerous other abilities granted by ring

Alan Scott

Many thousands of years ago, a magical flame fell to Earth. The Flame spoke that it would act three times: the first to bring death, the second to bring life, and the final time, to bring power. In mid-1940, it had fulfilled two-thirds of its prophecy. The Flame was formed into the shape of a lantern, which a young railroad engineer named Alan Scott found. After a bridge collapsed, the Lantern spoke to Scott and told him to forge a ring from the Lantern that would grant him amazing power, and thusly, did Alan Scott become the first Green Lantern of Earth.
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2011Guy Gardner (Green Lantern)Series 5Green LanternDC Direct
2011Green LanternSeries 1Justice League - Classic IconsDC Direct
2012Green LanternNew 52DC Collectibles
2012Alfred as Green LanternJust-Us-League of Stupid Heroes - 2012MAD MagazineDC Direct
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