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Dan Hibiki - Character Profile

Name:Dan Hibiki
Real Name:Dan Hibiki
Origin:Hong Kong
Created By:Akira Yasuda (pen name Akiman)
1st Appearance:Street Fighter Alpha (Hidden)
Universe:Street Fighter
Affiliations:Teacher of Saikyo (for those intrested enough to sign up)

Ah good ol' Dan Hibiki... Master of Saikyo, and king of taunting. Dan was introduced to the Street Fighter series way back in the days of Alpha. The man created his own form of martial arts, and wears a pink gi. Some gamers call him useless with his close ranged moves, and his extremely short distanced fireball. But some gamers have actually taken the time to master this so called "joke character" and turn him into a great character, instead of just dubbing him "not as cool as Ryu, Ken, or Akuma" or "Crappiest character in the history of Street Fighter". But truth be told he has special moves that can rival all three of them.
Dan originally took to fighting to avenge the death of his father Goh Hibiki, who was killed by Sagat for gouging out his eye. he went to Gouken for training, but was rejected because of what he was planning to do. So he ended up creating his own style of fighting which he called "Saikyo" (Strongest Style)and entered the tournament to hone his skills, and avenge his father. After he won the tournament (Sagat threw the fight) he decided to open up a dojo dedicated to teaching and spreading the art of Saikyo.
Last updated by Dan's the man on October 21, 2010.
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