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Poison Ivy - Character Profile

Name:Poison Ivy
Real Name:Pamela Lillian Isley
Origin:Batman universe
Base of Operations:Arkham Asylum
Created By:Robert Kanigher & Sheldon Moldoff
1st Appearance:Batman #181 (June 1966)
Affiliations:Suicide Squad,Injustice Gang,Gotham City Sirens,Injustice League,Super Foes,Secret Society of Super Villains,S.T.A.R. Labs

A student of bothanical biochemistry,Pamela Isley has been submited a various experiments of Dr.Jason Woodrue,who leaves she insane,sometimes sweet,sometimes evil. Whem Jason leaves her in a hospital,she takes it as betrayal,and start her revenge against he and others that stands her way.
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All Produced Poison Ivy Action Figures
1993Poison IvySeries 3Batman - Animated SeriesKenner
1997Batman vs Poison Ivy12" ScaleBatman & RobinKenner
1997Night Hunter Robin vs Evil Entrapment Poison Ivy2-PacksBatman & RobinKenner
1997Poison Ivy (Jungle Venom)Series 1Batman & RobinKenner
1998Arkham Asylum EscapeMulti PacksBatman - New AdventuresKenner
2004Poison IvySeries 1Batman - HushDC Direct
2004Poison IvyYamato Imports - Wave 2Batman (DC Direct)DC Direct
2004Poison IvySeries 2Batman (Yamato)Yamato
2005Poison IvyWave 2Batman - Kia AsamiyaDC Direct
2006Poison IvySeries 3Justice League (Alex Ross)DC Direct
2006Poison IvySeries 2 - Kia AsamiyaBatman (Yamato)Yamato
2011Poison IvySeries 2Batman - Arkham Asylum (DC Direct)DC Direct
 12 Action Figures Produced
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