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Grizzlor - Character Profile

Base of Operations:Fright Zone
Created By:Mattel
Universe:Masters of the Universe
Affiliations:Evil Horde

Grizzlor is a wild creature from the planet Jungulia, who stumbled with some weapons on a cave and, in his childish nature, saw them as toys and played with them. When he was found by surveillance of the Evil Horde, they recruited him mistakenly believing he was a genius due to the weapons he carried. He also got erased all his memories about his home planet.
Last updated by DAMartin on May 14, 2015.
All Produced Grizzlor Action Figures
1985GrizzlorSeries 4He-Man - Masters of the UniverseMattel
2007GrizzlorSeries 2Masters of the Universe StactionNeca
2010GrizzlorMasters of the Universe ClassicsMattel
 3 Action Figures Produced
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