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Kobra Khan - Character Profile

Name:Kobra Khan
Base of Operations:Eternia
Created By:Mattel
Universe:Masters of the Universe
Affiliations:Snake Men

Kobra Khan is a descendant of the Snake Men who can use his mouth to spray a sleeping mist or spit acid.

Kobra Khan tricked Skeletor into opening the void. He-Man stopped it, but Khan would later get Evil-Lyn's help to free King Hiss and the Snake Men.

After King Hiss' defeat and apparent death, Kobra Khan joined the Evil Warriors, frequently working alongside the Arachna Webstor.

Years later, Skeletor and Kobra Kahn find an energy pool in Snake Mountain to make King Hiss return. Then Skeletor and Hiss summon Rattlor and Tung Lashor from Etheria. King Hiss and Skeletor make an alliance, but Skeletor suggests to Khan to rejoin the Snake Men to spy them for him.
Last updated by DAMartin on April 28, 2015.
All Produced Kobra Khan Action Figures
1984Kobra KhanSeries 3He-Man - Masters of the UniverseMattel
2012Kobra KhanMasters of the Universe ClassicsMattel
 2 Action Figures Produced
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