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Creeper - Character Profile

Publisher:DC Comics
Real Name:Jack Ryder
Race:Half-Demon / Half-Human
Origin:Hell - Earth
Base of Operations:Hell-Earth
Created By:Steve Ditko
1st Appearance:Comic Showcase #73 (April 1968)
Affiliations:the Outsiders
Powers:Enhanced strength, agility, stamina + healing

Jack Ryder is a former Gotham City television talk show host fired due to his outspoken nature. Finding employment in network security, he attempts to rescue a scientist named Dr. Yatz whom mobsters have kidnapped in order to obtain his newest discoveries. The chief mobster hosts a masquerade party at his mansion. To gain entry, Ryder improvises a costume from yellow tights and facial make-up designed to look like skin, a green wig and trunks, and red gloves, boots, and furry cloak.
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