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Orko - Character Profile

Base of Operations:Eternia
Universe:Masters of the Universe
Affiliations:Heroic Warriors

Orko is a Trollan who got accidentally stranded in Eternia. There, he saved young Prince Adam from some creatures of the Tar Swamp, but lost the trinket that allowed his magic to work well outside Trolla (an amulet or a wand, depending on the retelling). King Randor, thankful for Orko saving his son, made him the court buffoon. When Prince Adam became He-Man, Orko became one of the few confidants of his secret identity.
Last updated by DAMartin on May 14, 2015.
All Produced Orko Action Figures
1984OrkoSeries 3He-Man - Masters of the UniverseMattel
2002OrkoHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002Orko (Blue Ball)He-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002OrkoMini FiguresHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002Orko / Ram Man / He-Man / SkeletorMini Figures - Heroes vs VillainsHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2004Orko (Trap and Smash)Snake MenHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
 6 Action Figures Produced
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