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Stratos - Character Profile

Race:Bird people
Base of Operations:Eternia
Created By:Mattel
Universe:Masters of the Universe
Affiliations:Heroic Warriors

Back when Stratos was a kid, his village was devastated by Tycon invaders, and only him and his sister Hawk survived. They reunited with survivors of other bird people villages attacked by the Tycons and freed several prisoners. This way, a revolution began until the bird people noticed the Tycons were still letting them out of resources, so Stratos and Hawk traveled to their ancestors' homeland in the Mystic Mountains where there was a golden egg whose bright brought prosperity. After finding it, all the bird people moved to that place, which they named Avion.
Last updated by DAMartin on May 23, 2015.
All Produced Stratos Action Figures
1982StratosSeries 1He-Man - Masters of the UniverseMattel
1982StratosSeries 1He-Man - Masters of the UniverseMattel
2001StratosSeries 2He-Man - CommemorativeMattel
2002StratosHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002Stratos (Sky Strike)He-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002StratosMini FiguresHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002Stratos / Beast Man / He-Man / SkeletorMini Figures - Heroes vs VillainsHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2003Stratos (Sky Strike)Snake MenHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2004Stratos (Claw Attack) (European)Snake Men - ExclusivesHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2009StratosMasters of the Universe ClassicsMattel
 10 Action Figures Produced
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