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Trap Jaw - Character Profile

Name:Trap Jaw
Publisher:Mattel also DC
Real Name:Kronis
Origin:Infinita dimension
Base of Operations:Eternia
Created By:Mattel - Roger Sweet
1st Appearance:mini-comic
Universe:Masters of the Universe
Affiliations:Evil Warriors
Powers:Interchangeable left arm(claw/hook/rifle) - Iron jaw

An insane criminal from the dimension of Infinita, Kronis™ was one of several evil warriors freed from an intergalactic prison by Keldor™ to bolster his ranks during the start of the Great Unrest. After serving Keldor™ for years, Kronis™ grew ambitious and raised an army of his own to challenge his master. Now a powerful Overlord of Evil™, Skeletor® defeated Kronis™ — breaking his jaw and arm, and leaving him for dead. Found and rebuilt by Tri-Klops®, Kronis™ was transformed by him into Trap Jaw™, a man armed with combat weapons and an “iron jaw!”
Last updated by Collectar on August 18, 2010.
All Produced Trap Jaw Action Figures
1983Trap JawSeries 2He-Man - Masters of the UniverseMattel
2000Trap JawSeries 1He-Man - CommemorativeMattel
2002Trapjaw (Blue Chest / Olive Green Accessories)He-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002Trapjaw (Blue Chest / Lime Green Accessories)He-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002TrapjawMini FiguresHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002Trapjaw (Green Chest)RepaintsHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2004Trap JawSnake MenHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
 7 Action Figures Produced
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