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Tri-Klops - Character Profile

Base of Operations:Eternia
Created By:Mattel
Universe:Masters of the Universe
Affiliations:Evil Warriors
Powers:Super strenght, three eyes with three different vision + eyebeam shooting ability

Tri-Klops was one of the first characters to be designed for the Masters of the Universe toy line. According to the line's creator Roger Sweet, he was originally designed as a Heroic Warrior but wound up packaged with the evil characters.

Bye the way Roger Sweet was de lead designer of almost all the motu characters, but most recources say Mattel as a company created the characters. I think it has something to do with rights?

His eyes have different abilities: 1 Ability to see from distances, 2 Nightvision and 3 Gammavision. Also he shoots in the 200x cartoon a plasma like ball from one eye.
Last updated by Collectar on September 19, 2010.
All Produced Tri-Klops Action Figures
1983Tri-KlopsSeries 2He-Man - Masters of the UniverseMattel
2000Tri-KlopsSeries 1He-Man - CommemorativeMattel
2002Tri-KlopsHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002Tri-KlopsMini FiguresHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2002Tri-Klops (Silver Pants)RepaintsHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2003Tri-KlopsSnake MenHe-Man - 2002 SeriesMattel
2009Tri-KlopsMasters of the Universe ClassicsMattel
 7 Action Figures Produced
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