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Red Skull - Character Profile

Name:Red Skull
Real Name:Johann Schmidt
Height:6 ft 2
Weight:240 LBS
Origin:Germany a small german village
Base of Operations:Mobile
1st Appearance:Captain America
Affiliations:Nazis Hydra Skeleton crew AIM
Powers:The Red Skull is a genius at military political and subversive strategy.He is an expert in armed and unarmed combat.He has a clone body which gives him the same abilities as Captain America

Johann Schmidt had a traumatic childhood his mother Martha died giving birth to him and his farther blamed that his wife had died and tried to kill only to be stopped by the doctor his farther later committed suicide.He was now orphaned and began life on the streets as a beggar and a thief.He developed a deep hatred for humanity day by day.One day he fell for a Jewish girl but when she spurned his clumsy advances he killed her in a way he found relief from his frustrations as he had let go of his anger.But his Depravity and evil side were soon to grow.He worked as a local bellboy at a hotel he was in his late teens and it was during the rise of the Nazis.Hitler was a guest at the hotel and was furious with one of his officers it just so happened that Schmidt was in the room at the time.Hitler said that this bellboy would be better at this job than you so he took him in.Johann was trained with the standard drills and then personally trained by Hitler.He fashioned him not just into a soldier but into the head of the terrorist frone for the Nazis.But he was more devious than Hitler.He clashed with Captain America on a few occasions.He became suspended in animation when he was trapped under rubble it was because of a gas he remained lifeless for over 60 years.HYDRA found him.He has been a constant Enemy to Captain America.He is his arch rival.There have been few red skulls but Johann Schmidt is the true Red Skull.
Last updated by 12yearoldkid on September 1, 2010.
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