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Wolverine - Character Profile

Publisher:Marvel Comics
Real Name:James Howlett
Height:5ft 3in
Base of Operations:Xavier School
Created By:John Romita and Herb Trimpe
1st Appearance:Incredible Hulk #180
Affiliations:X-Men, X-Force, Avengers, Alpha Flight, Weapon X
Powers:Able to lift press 800lbs, heightened senses, retractable claws, healing factor, Adamantium skeleton

James Howlett(more known as Logan-even for hinself)is an adventurer,partner of the X-Men. But his past is dark,unknown and full of suffering,as he gained the addamantium(an almost indestructible metal alloy)by William Striker,director of the Weapon X project,as a weapon.Trained most combat types,James didn't want to live as a killer for a maniac,so when he gets the opportunity,runned away. His brother,Victor Creed(the Sabertooth)ever wanted him killed,passed a great time fighting and trying to kill James and anyone he liked,even Silverfox,whom James felt a lot.
James always fighted as a berserk,wild animal,which oppened his guard a lot,what give Striker the opportunity to shoot him with a bullet of addamantium,leaving him inconciousness. When he waked up,notticed the problem with his memory: almost forget everything.
Now he fights alongside the X-Men as Wolverine(or Logan),always wanting to recover his lost memories.
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